Why WordPress is never too big even for small sites

Written by on June 21st in Wordpress

I have come across many comments in CMS related posts that says “WordPress is too big for smaller sites” or “I prefer using ___ CMS as WordPress is too big”. In my opinion, this is not true. WordPress is never too BIG even for SMALL Websites. Here are a few reasons why..


WordPress: Making a theme in WordPress is very easy. Even for beginners and first timers, just by referring to the WP Codex alone, you can just copy and paste the codes from there to create a fully functional site. Making a small website with WordPress is even easier. It is as simple as one loop in a single index.php file. The codes and explanations are all available in the WP Codex so there is no reason why anyone will have trouble theming WordPress.

There are also many free but high quality themes available for WordPress.

Other CMS: Theming might be relatively easier, especially those with their own templating system or using SMARTY (such as CMS Made Simple). However, there are relatively less free themes for other CMS.

Without CMS: Static HTML or Dynamic PHP Pages might be enough for very small sites but clients won’t be able to edit themselves. A CMS is always a plus for clients.


WordPress: Many free plug-ins for all kinds of needs! This is my favourite reason for using WordPress even for small sites. Making a contact form in WordPress is really easy and convenient in WordPress using plug-ins like ContactForm7 or Gravity Forms (Premium plug-in). Making a gallery is as easy. You name it, they have the plug-in.

These are really time-saver for Web Designers. Imagine how much time you will save by creating forms using plug-ins. No more manual and boring form coding!! Plus, it is so convenient to search, download and install plug-ins all from the Admin panel. How great is that?

Other CMS: Some support plug-ins as well but might be less convenient to install and definitely lesser plug-ins available.

Without CMS: Boring manual coding for forms, gallery, etc. Probably the time you spend coding the forms or creating the gallery is more than the time you would spend making a WordPress theme.


WordPress: Due to the large number of users, many tutorials and guides are available. Very helpful community as well. Any problems you encounter will probably be solved by a quick Google search.

Other CMS: Smaller community, less tutorials and less support for you.

Without CMS: Need I explain?

In conclusion, WordPress can really make you a more efficient web designer/developer and you should start using it even for smaller sites. Don’t waste your time looking for other “light” CMS.

I would like to know your opinion on using WordPress for small sites. Do we all agree?

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